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Typically consists of PVC sliding used in residential applications. May contain PVC downspouts. Not all siding is PVC and may contain PE variants, which are typically molded. Recyclability and market value increases with additional color segregation. 

Product: PVC Bale

Source: Installed or Uninstalled Material

Technical Information: Hardness level >65D. Rigid PVC does not contain plasticizer and will typically measure above 65 on the Shore D scale.



Prohibitives - Material not accepted at any level:

  • PET plastic of any form

  • Insulation

  • Medical and hazardous waste

  • Lead or cadmium stabilized rigid PVC material

  • Materials containing asbestos fillers or reinforcement

  • Used household soil or waste plumbing lines with visible bio residue 

  • CPVC - should be separated and marketed separately - typically includes pipe and molded fittings and runners

Contamination material allowed at small percentages:

  • Plastics other than PVC such as HDPE, LDPE, PP, PS

  • Foamed PVC

  • Liquids

  • Paper and Cardboard

  • Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals 

  • Rocks, stones, mud, dirt

  • Wood, glass, oils, and grease

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