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#2 printed bleached cup stock #49

Consists of printed, untreated formed cups, cup die cuts, and misprint sheets of coated or uncoated cup base stock. Glues must be water-soluble. Must be free of wax, poly, and other coatings that are insoluble. Prohibitive materials are not permitted and outthrows plus prohibitives may not exceed 1%.


Maximum effort will be given to prevent the following prohibited paper categories being mixed in the recovered paper supplies:

  • Contaminated recovered paper and board from hospital

  • Recovered paper and board which have contained chemicals or foodstuffs

  • Covering materials such as paper used for covering furniture during repaired and painting work

Shipped in bales mainly. Assurance of storage and transport conditions that protect against cross-contamination i.e., by hazardous substances or bad odor. Supplied bales will be labeled with an agreed supplier code PS standards for paper stock.

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