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Any whole Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET, #1) package labeled with the ASTM D7611 "#1, PET or PETE" resin identification code including and not limited to egg cartons, baskets, clamshell containers, cups, lids, cake domes, covers, blister pack without paperboard backing, tubs, deli containers, trays, and folded PET sheet containers. All packages should be free of contents or free-flowing liquids and rinsed. This grade does not include bottles and jars.

Source: Post-Consumer material

Contamination: Including closures (caps, lids, and rings) on bottles is acceptable. Removal of closures is also acceptable.


Total contaminants should not exceed 5% by weight. No more than 2% by weight of any of the following individual contaminants will be allowed:

  • Aluminum

  • Metal containers or cans

  • Loose paper or cardboard

  • Polystyrene

  • PLA

  • PVC

  • PETG

  • Liquid residues, primarily water (2% maximum allowed)

The following contaminants are not allowed at any allowed:

  • Any plastic bags or plastic film

  • Wood, glass, oils, and grease

  • Rocks, stones, mud, dirt

  • Medical and Hazardous waste

  • Items containing degradable additives

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