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Any large rigid High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE, #2) and/or Polypropylene (PP, #5) plastic bulky item, created through a positive sort from curbside, drop-off or other public or private recycling collection program. Examples include: crates, buckets, totes, baskets, and lawn furniture. Metal such as axels and bolts should be removed. Buckets/pails with metal handles can be included.

Source: Post-Consumer material created from a positive sort from a curbside, drop-off, or other public or private recycling collection program.

Contamination: This bale should not contain mixed #1-7 bottles or containers, toys with metal, drums, jugs (either HMW or 55 gallons), or Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC, #3).


Total allowed - 15% by weight.

  • Any plastic items or packaging including PET #1, PVC #3, PS #6, Other #7 (4% maximum acceptable)

  • Metal (2% maximum acceptable)

  • Liquid/other residues (2% maximum acceptable)

  • Wood (2% max)

  • Paper/cardboard (2% maximum acceptable)

  • Any plastic bags, sheets or film (2% max)

  • Glass (2% max)

The following items are not allowed at any level:

  • Oils, grease, rocks, mud, dirt

  • PS Foam and any other types of foam

  • Medical and Hazardous waste

  • Products with degradable additives

  • Containers which held flammable, corrosive or reactive products, pesticides or herbicides

  • Electronics scrap and items with circuit boards or battery packs

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