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Double lined kraft (dlk)

Consists of new corrugated cuttings having liners of either test liner or kraft. Treated medium or liners, insoluble adhesives, butt rolls, slabbed or hogged medium, are not accepted in this grade. No prohibitive materials permitted and outthrows may not exceed 2%. 


Maximum effort will be given to prevent the following prohibited paper categories being mixed in the recovered paper supplies:

  • Contaminated recovered paper and board from hospital

  • Recovered paper and board which have contained chemicals or foodstuffs

  • Covering materials such as paper used for covering furniture during repaired and painting work

Shipped in bales mainly. Assurance of storage and transport conditions that protect against cross-contamination i.e., by hazardous substances or bad odor. Supplied bales will be labeled with an agreed supplier code PS standards for paper stock.

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